Paddle Protection Easy – Flap Easy

The safety on the paddle courts comes first and we have the protection with which we can be safe playing. The players are more professional every day, looking for the limits of the court and this means that there are accidents with the entrances and exits of the courts at high speed during the match.

Easy Paddle Protection (Flap Easy) is designed to absorb shock at high speed thanks to the design of the protection and the foam that goes inside. The coating of the foam with PVC and transparent PVC gives more body and hardness to the paddle protection.

An EASY Protection Kit for Paddle courts consists of six protections to cover the two door frames and two net protectors. Both the protection of the doors and the protection of the network have the same system of subjection, by velcro and the two pieces has the transparent pocket to be able to put the publicity of the sponsors. This protection does not have a zippered hat and the canvas strips on the inside just like the top model (Paddle Protection Pro).

Easy Paddle Protection (Flap Easy) allows you to remove it, put the publicity and put it back in a record time thanks to its velcro system and the advertising pocket.

This system of placement of advertising is a system that we have patented nationally and internationally.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of all the details of the product.