PRO Padel court Protecctions


This is the star protection, the Padel Pro Protection. It is a padel court protection for the most demanding. The protection of the doors is common with the EASY model, but the protection of the net post has an extra thickness of foam to protect from impacts at high speeds.

Just like the EASY model, both the door protections and the net post protections, the fastening system is by velcro, easy and quick to fix, they have a transparent pocket to put the sponsor’s advertising without having to change the protection.

This transparent pocket system has been designed so that the protections become another source of income for the Club. Since you can put a different advertisement in each tournament depending on the sponsors. The advertising placement system is patented.

In the upper part of the protection of the net post, it has a cap that can be removed with a zipper, this makes it easier to put on and remove the post.

The foam used in the Padel Pro Protection (Flap Pro) is high quality polyethylene.

At the bottom of the page you can see a video demonstrating how you can remove the protection from the net post, put the advertising on it and put it back, all this in less than a minute.