At ProtSport, concerned about the safety of Paddle tracks we have designed two models of protections that fit all types of Paddle courts.

Within these two models, as the manufacturers of the protections, we can make changes to adapt the protection and protect each peculiarity of the track, from reinforcing fins on the net posts, reinforcement fins on the doors or even Network posts that go up to the top pole of the door.

All the protections have the same characteristics, the fastening system is made by Velcro, a simple and fast system that allows to place or remove the protections quickly and effortlessly.

Another feature that has the protections is the advertising system, it is a transparent pocket that is in the door guards and protections of network post in which acts as an envelope and inside you can place the advertising of the sponsors without having They change the protection every time and generate some extra income to the club.

With this advertising placement system, the protections become a source of income for the club, since it is not necessary to change the protections every time you want to put another advertisement, you just have to remove the current advertising and put the new .

This system of extracting advertising or putting it on is a patented system.